YaCy Crawl Depth Question

There is a Document, A with an URL on it that leads to Document B. Document B also has an URL, leading to Document C, which in turn has an URL leading to Document D, etc.

In YaCy, if the Crawl Depth is set to 0, am I correct in thinking that if I start a crawl with Document A’s URL as the parameter, the indexing will only reach as far as Document A?

If Crawl Depth is 1, the URLs on Document A and B will be indexed, not C’s?
Crawl Depth 2 would index A, B and C, etc?

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Same question here.
I was looking at Autocrawler (Production -> Advanced Crawler -> Autocrawl) and there are 2 options Shallow and Deep with different values.
I would like to understand how these levels of indexing work.
Even the other options like “Rows to fetch at once”, “Rows to fetch at once:” etc.

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