YaCy Browser Extension

Which browsers support a YaCy web extension?
Popularizing YaCy by creating an extension would be one way to widen the userbase.
I think that if such an extension is developed, it should be coded in such a way that it chooses at random from a regularly updated list of public YaCy servers.

Also, please enable the creation of new tags for posts.

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Any progress on a YaCy browser extension?

If not, does anybody have details that can be shared to provide access to a publicly searchable instance of YaCy?

If you didn’t find a solution and if by browser extension do you mean or you need having YaCy accessible from search bar, you can use Firefox.
Simple navigate to your peer and from the 3 dots menu in the search bar you can add YaCy as your default search engine.
More details can be found on the mozilla support page.

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