YaCy - 10 minutes to create admin account

If you create a YaCy instance on a remote computer, you have 10 minutes to login and create an admin account. What are the default login credentials? These should be mentioned in the YaCy explanation page.

Point Browser to:


and set an admin account.

When you arrive at the above page, you are asked for a username and password to login. What are these?

The YaCy page which attempts to explain this is here:

The login credentials are random, however it is always possible to login from localhost.

As this is not possible on a remote host, I recommend to use a tunnel passing the port 8090 from remote to local.

Furthermore the change of the login should be possible from shell, but I have seen some code changes that may make this impossible.

I actually believe it would be much easier if a default login would exist. However the security details must be considered.

Hello, Orbiter! Thank you for all your work on YaCy.
The login credentials are random, after ten minutes, but until then, if you arrive at the webpage, you click on the admin to login and have to enter details, but blank username/password doesn’t work…