User Accounts in the Searchlab are used to personalize search indexes:

Authorized Accounts

You can currently only sign-up using an existing GitHub or Patreon account. When you log with one of these accounts you must agree that we store your name and email address and that you agree to store a session cookie for technical purpose:

We are also preparing sign-up with the following OAuth providers:

We do not provide sign-up by email here yet.

Demo Accounts with limited Authorization

We also provide anonymous authentication using temporary User IDs for demo purpose. Existing IDs can be submitted here to access any account, even authorized ones, but without access to changes to those accounts.

Enter existing IDs or generate a new one:

You can keep your id private or you can share it publicly. Because every id may be owned/lost or never be used again, we treat user accounts without ownership right now as temporary and expendable entity. Please be prepared that your id may be deleted by the platform at any time.