Data Studio App Development

To start developing your own, just clone the repository from and open any of the index.html files within the app project inside the htdocs folder.

Each of those apps should work fine without hosting the html pages with a web server. Just open the corresponding index.html in your browser for testing. You also don't need to run your own Searchlab instance, the apps connect to the server at

If you want to develop your own search apps, you can easily modify/extend any of the given app.

We recommend to start with the websearch_lit app, just make a copy of it!

Integration with your own Searchlab instance

There is no need to install your own Searchlab instance for app development, however if you contribute to the Searchlab APIs, then you must set-up your own development environment.

Contributing Your Own Apps

If you like please give us a pull request with your new app! We love to extend the searchlab apps with community-created content.

To do so, please..

Everything that is merged to this repository will be pushed to and can then be used there.