Searchlab Architecture & Onboarding

This is a guide for developers of this platform. It explains frameworks and libraries for this application together with sample use cases.

Application Server

For this application server we combine MKDocs for static web pages with Undertow as web server. As a design basis for MKdocs we use MkDocs-Theme-Cinder-Superhero which is a privacy-aware combination of the Cinder Bootstrap-Theme for MKdocs with a theme adoption to turn it into a dark-mode version of Cinder using design ideas of Superhero. The theme is now privacy-aware because it does not use any external resources (like external/linked libraries and/or fonts) and embedds all those elements which nowadays are linked through a CDN.





The following elements are added to the undertow server:


We will use two external storage systems: a S3 Bucket Store and an Elasticsearch search index. Both storage systems can be hosted with free software and we will use for S3 storage and for Elasticsearch storage. You may choose other (also: cloud-hosted) services if you host the Searchlab yourself.

This is Work-In-Progress

This is a placeholder page that will migrate into the actual application as soon as it is finished. What we want to implemted is described in the milestones M1-M6.

Follow messages from YaCy maitainer @orbiterlab and the project updates from @yacy_search to get news about the project milestones. Please share and like to help building this page!

Servlets and Document Types

Building the application

Set-up a development environment